Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love

it definitely makes u think abt life whenever u hit tht crossroad.. org ckp when u got wht u have, satisfied on everything u've achieved. u will come to this juncture when nothing makes you feel perfect anymore.. will this happen to me? well nobody knows..

for all u know, life wouldnt seems like a challenge anymore.. u know wht is? the after life.. gives me goosebumps just by thinking of it.. preparing ursev to another world tht has no preview like those movies on cinema.. its not a story to be told to anyone.. just a perception and myth perhaps.. tht is passed frm generation to generation.. and it will only hit u when the clock of repent begins.. tick tock.. tick tock..

so.. before we get to tht crossroad.. before we get those dark thoughts on after life.. lets just enjoy everything tht falls on our path.. lets just EAT, PRAY & LOVE.

Monday, September 20, 2010


yeah.. baby.. u miss me? kehkehkeh... :D its been awhile eh.. well many things have happened.. meh aku summarised kan:-

1) aku dh dpt keje.. which explained the long-absence.. menguruskan kewangan di kilang ayam.. "ohhhh... Ayamassss.." lalalala~~~ work has been great.. the traveling is awesome too.. kt port klang okayyy.. so kd -> pk -> kd.. hmmm makin kaye la plus..
2) aku dh jd aunty.. kak ina deliver a super cutie baby boy... MOHD DARWISH IRFAN.. he so cute that im planning to steal her away.. tp kang meghoyan lak kakak aku haa.. hehe..
3) my darling Ebrahim had successfully doing sthing he's ever dreaming of.. takleh gtau.. secrettt.. hehe.. tp konfem halal & tidak menyalahi undang2
4) hari raya serba meriah thn ni.. semua ada kt Selama.. Mak, Cik, Angah, Kakak, A.Lan, Adik, Dawish.. oops almost forgot.. my hubby dubby.. Sayaanggg! and they were indeed important sb the whole week raye.. aku tk charge hp lgsg.. cos all the important and lovable ones are around me.. so sape lg nk call aku kan.. ;p

so i guess tu je kot.. a little recap.. till then.. tk cr.. love ur loved ones and ursev too.. dadaa~~

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


there will come a day in ur life
when everything went so rightfully perfect
either u sit down, watch it passing by and do nothing
or make a full use of what's coming

today happened to be the day
and i hope i've acted wisely
may Allah blessed us all with many more days like this..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Greatest moments on World Cup 2010 Kick-Off Concert


I personally feel that South Africa have done a great job thus far. And the kick-off concert is definitely awesome and i had several goosebumps just by watching it on tv. I bet the live audience will feel it even better. The arrangement of the concert is just so perfect that it is not merely about having fun and some football competition, but it is about bringing unity, peace and love to all the people in the world, in which I feel many of us need it. Yet, the only minor setback would be a no show from the great Nelson Mandela. This man is simply synonym with Africa and not to see him present while SA is hosting World Cup for the first time ever, is such a pity. Well, thanks must go to FIFA for allowing (or is it have to) SA to host the WC 2010. At least, for most of us who always worship the greatness of only their kind, would be enlightened by another on their culture, way of living and most importantly, the meaning of having fun. Truly can't wait to watch the rest of the game in this Land of Humankind. Cheers!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

love.. unconditionally

i love u.. u love me
i piss u.. u love me
i disappoint u.. u love me
i upset u.. u love me
i annoy u.. u love me

cos love is greater than anything else

Sunday, May 16, 2010


besok adalah hari penentuan..
tak tau la apa keputusannya..
kita tengok je la nanti..
harap2 segala usaha gigih (gigih ke?)..
berbaloi dan memadai..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


dimulakan dengan mendengus..
haih.. (10 harkat)
hari2 benda sama..
bila nk jadi lain nih?
penat sgt dh tunggu..
takut dh tak tertunggu..
ape nak buat..
bukan ko ke yg pilih cenni..
x fun ke???
myb sitting doing nuthing is not as fun as it sounds..
haih.. (100 harkat)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


hari tu 10.04.10 pegi amik exam gomen.
calon punya la ramai.
sampai jem teruk la kt tol serdang tuh.

dpt tau seminggu seblom.
so pulun la study sejarah, maths and updatekan diri ng GK.
yg best nya.. diri mula bertukar patriotik bila baca sejarah.
ditambah pulak bila aku baca pasal kerajaan mesia n isu2 terkini.
terasa nk berpolitik pon ada.. hehe.

soklan exam ok lah.
ada yg confident dan of course ada gak yg ditembak.
soklan esei bm.. aku pilih pasal 'bagaimana GTP dpt membantu dlm memajukan Malaysia?'.
goreng sakan!
soklan esei bi.. aku pilih 'how to become a valuable member to an organisation?'.
deep fried!

so should be okay kot.
hopefully dapat.