Sunday, June 13, 2010


I personally feel that South Africa have done a great job thus far. And the kick-off concert is definitely awesome and i had several goosebumps just by watching it on tv. I bet the live audience will feel it even better. The arrangement of the concert is just so perfect that it is not merely about having fun and some football competition, but it is about bringing unity, peace and love to all the people in the world, in which I feel many of us need it. Yet, the only minor setback would be a no show from the great Nelson Mandela. This man is simply synonym with Africa and not to see him present while SA is hosting World Cup for the first time ever, is such a pity. Well, thanks must go to FIFA for allowing (or is it have to) SA to host the WC 2010. At least, for most of us who always worship the greatness of only their kind, would be enlightened by another on their culture, way of living and most importantly, the meaning of having fun. Truly can't wait to watch the rest of the game in this Land of Humankind. Cheers!

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